FAQ - professional diffuser 'air'


1. What type of oil should be used with the diffuser?

Please use 100% pure natural At-Aroma essential oils with the diffuser (250mL and 450mL bottles). Using other essential oils, perfumes, or fragrances may cause the diffuser to not operate properly and will void the warranty.

2. How much area will be covered by the diffuser?

The diffusion capacity is approximately 860 sqft (80 square meters). Diffusion will vary depending on ceiling height, surroundings, and essential oil.

3. Is the scent intensity adjustable?

The diffuser includes 9 diffusion intensity levels. Click here.

4. What is the oil consumption rate?

The average oil consumption rate for Level 5 is 0.2 mL/ hr.
The average oil consumption rate for Level 9 is 1.0 mL/hr.

5. The scent seems to have become weak. Is this a malfunction?

It may take time for the essential oil to spread throughout the space.

Air direction will affect the distribution of the scent.

Old essential oils may deteriorate or thicken and lose their original scent impression. Please replace the old essential oil with new essential oil.

The nozzle may be clogged. Please clean the diffuser per the manual. If the problem persists, please replace the nozzle.

6. Power

Only use the supplied AC adapter.

7. How to program the diffuser?

Please see the “Program setting” section of the manual for detailed programming instructions. Click here.

8. Is there a shortcut to revert the diffuser to its default setting?

With the power on, press and hold [back] and [▶] simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds.

9. Current time is no longer correct.

The coin battery (CR2032) on the bottom of the diffuser may have run out. Please exchange the battery following the instructions in the manual.

10. How long is the warranty period?

1 year from the date of purchase

11. What are the replacement parts, and where can I purchase them from?

Replacement parts include the nozzle with tube and tube cap, AC adapter, and Lock key. Please contact us directly to purchase replacement parts. Click here.

12. How to clean the diffuser?

Please see the “Maintenance” section of the manual for detailed cleaning instructions. Click here.

To purchase additional diffuser cleaner (250mL), click here.

13. What should I do before exchanging essential oil?

Please clean the diffuser per the instructions in the manual. Click here.


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