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FAQ - aroma diffuser 'one'

1. What type of oil should be used with the diffuser?

Please use 100% pure natural At-Aroma essential oils with the diffuser. Using other essential oils, perfumes, or fragrances may cause the diffuser to not operate properly and will void the warranty.

The diffuser is designed to perfectly fit our 10 mL bottles of essential oil.

Please handle essential oils with care as they may dissolve plastics. This diffuser uses an oil-resistant material. If essential oil spills onto furniture or surrounding items, wipe it off immediately.

2. Can ‘piezo diffuser aroma oil’ be used with the diffuser?

‘Piezo diffuser aroma oil’ (essential oil + diluent) was created specifically for the ultrasonic element of the piezo diffuser ‘solo’. The use of piezo aroma oil with the diffuser won’t cause a malfunction, but the way the scent spreads and the way the scent is experienced may be weak. The aroma diffuser ‘one’ was created to experience the high-quality scent of pure (un-diluted) essential oil.

3. What is the diffusion range?

Approximately 400 ft2 / 36 m2 (varies depending on the environment and essential oil). 

4. What is the essential oil consumption rate?

Approximately 0.2 mL/hour at the Medium scent intensity level (varies depending on the environment and essential oil).

5. How do I change the scent?

We recommend cleaning the diffuser when changing the scent (see page 28 of the instruction manual: Cleaning the diffuser).

6. Please tell me about the rechargeable battery.

(1) This product contains a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged using the included USB cable (DC 5V). 

(2) The charging time is approximately 5 hours. The diffuser can operate for 40 hours when fully charged (Operation mode: Medium).

(3) The LED lights will blink during charging and turn on after charging is complete.

(4) When the battery is depleted, the LED lights will blink 3 times and the diffuser will stop operating.

(5) The battery can be recharged up to approximately 300 times. Repetitive charging will shorten the maximum hours of operation.

(6) Do not continue to charge the battery when it is fully charged. Disconnect the USB cable after charging. Excessive charging may shorten the life of the battery.

(7) Charge the diffuser once a month even if the diffuser is not being used.

(8) The inner battery is not replaceable. Do not disassemble the unit. It will cause malfunction or fire.

7. Can I operate the diffuser with the USB cable connected?

We recommend running the diffuser from the battery with the USB cable not connected. The USB cable should only be used to charge the built-in battery. To prevent overcharging, disconnect the cable after charging is complete. If the built-in battery is not charged, it will not operate immediately even if the USB cable is connected. Please wait for the battery to charge before using.

8. Does the diffuser have a timer function?

The diffuser has a 2-hour auto-off function.

9. I’m having trouble smelling the scent. Is this a malfunction?

(1) Check to see if the rechargeable battery is dead. One or all of the LED lights will be on when the diffuser is running. 

(2) It may take time for the scent to spread into a space after turning on the power. The size of the space and the type of scent used may also affect the time for the scent to spread.

(3) When used in a space with strong airflow, the scent may travel in the direction of the airflow, or it may scatter, making it difficult to notice.

(4) If the oil is deteriorated, the scent may be weak or the viscosity may increase making it difficult to diffuse from the nozzle. Try changing the oil.

(5) The nozzle may be clogged. Clean according to the care method described in the instruction manual (page 28). If the problem persists, replace the nozzle (sold separately).

10. Is it normal for the diffuser to make a noise when running?

The diffuser uses a pump which makes a slight humming noise when diffusing.

11. The nozzle cannot be attached to the diffuser (main body).

The orientation of the nozzle is fixed. Insert the part with the hole on the side of the nozzle toward the position of the rubber part inside the main body (air ejection port).

12. I accidentally inserted the nozzle into the diffuser without a bottle attached. How do I remove the stuck nozzle?

If the nozzle is accidentally inserted into the diffuser without a bottle attached, use a thin, long driver or bamboo skewer to push it out from the hole in the bottom of the diffuser. Use extra caution not to injure or damage the diffuser.

13. How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period of the diffuser is 6 months from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by customer negligence or natural disaster.


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