FAQ - fan diffuser 'kō'

1. What oil to use with the diffuser? 

Please use in combination with @aroma’s 100% pure natural essential oil. 
Do not use other oils, perfumes, aroma oils containing synthetic fragrances, or oils containing impurities or solids as they may damage or cause malfunctions to the unit. 

This product uses an oil-resistant material, but be careful not to let oil adhere to parts other than the oil pad as much as possible. 

Please handle with care as essential oil may dissolve plastics. If essential oil spills onto furniture or surrounding items, wipe it off immediately. 

2. How much oil should be applied to the oil pad? 

Add 3-5 drops of oil onto the oil pad. 
If the pad becomes over-saturated, then some oil may drip onto the main body, which may cause a malfunction. 

3. What is the range of diffusion? 

About 100sqft or10㎡, though depends on the environment and scent. 

4. Scent is not immediately noticeable after turning on the power. Is there a malfunction? 

(1) It takes some time after the power is turned on for fan to spread the scent 
(Varies depending on size of the space and the scent). 

(2) When using in a space with strong airflow, the scent may travel in the direction of the airflow, or it may scatter, making it difficult to notice. 

(3) If the opening on the top of the cover is blocked, the scent will not spread. 
Also, if the air intake on the bottom of the main unit is blocked by a carpet or dust/dirt, it may not operate normally and the scent may not diffuse. 

5. The scent has become weaker. How to increase? 

When the scent fades, add more oilIf the pad becomes over-saturated, then some oil may drip onto the main body, which may cause a malfunction. Add one drop at a time. 

6. Is it possible to adjust the strength of the scent? 

There is no function to adjust the intensity of the scent. Simply adjust the amount of oil added to the oil pad and the location of the unit. 

7. What should I do to change the scent? 

If you change the type of oil, or if the oil pad becomes dirty or hard, replace it with a new oil pad. 

The pad cannot be washed with water. If you use up the included oil pad, Replacement oil pad (6 pieces) are available to purchase. 

8. Regarding the power supply. 

Please use the included USB cable (DC 5V) or two AAA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable) sold separately. 

9. Which power supply is used when the USB cable and battery are connected at the same time. 

-When the USB cable is connected and the power is turned on with the batteries installed. 
→ Priority is given to the power supply from the USB cable. 
-When the USB cable is disconnected while both the battery and the USB cable are connected. 
→ The power is switched to the battery, and after about 20 minutes, the automatic off timer is activated and the power is turned off. 
-When the USB cable is connected while using the battery. 
→ The power is switched to USB for continuous operation (20-minute automatic off timer becomes inactive). 

10. Why doesn’t the USB connector insert all the way into the USB connection port of the diffuser? 

When the USB cable is inserted into the diffuser, a gap of about 2mm is created due to the structure of the product. This does not mean there is problem. 

Please refrain from forcibly pushing the USB connector all the way into the connection port as it may damage or cause a malfunction. 

11. Will the unit charge rechargeable batteries while plugged in? 

No, it is not possible to charge the battery with rechargeable batteries installed in the main unit. Charge with the charger dedicated to your rechargeable battery. 

12. Can it operate with a mobile battery? 

Depends on the mobile battery, although results are not guaranteed. 

When using a USB cable, we recommend that you use it at an outlet via a USB port on your computer or a commercially available USB power adapter. 

13. Why is the light blinking when operating on batteries?

The battery power has been exhausted.  Replace the batteries. 

14. Does it operate in a vehicle? 

It is possible to use it in a vehicle using the power supply from USB or batteries. 
However, do not leave the unit and battery in the car for a long time except when it is being used. 

If the inside of the car becomes hot, it may cause discoloration, deformation or malfunction of the unit, or the battery may leak, overheat or explode. 

15. Does it have a timer function? 

When using with batteries, the operation will stop automatically in about 20 minutes. When using with the included USB cable, continuous operation is possible. If you want to stop the operation, press the power switch to turn off the power. 

16. There is no sound coming from the unit, is it operating? 

Press the power switch once to start operation. 
The LED light on the front of the diffuser glows green when turned on. 

17. How to clean the unit? 

Wipe with a soft cloth. For hard-to-remove stains, squeeze a cloth soaked in a neutral detergent solution, wipe off the stain, and then wipe it with water to prevent the detergent from remaining on the main unit.  Dry unit thoroughly before use. 

18. Why does the battery cover come off easily? 

If the unit is rotated while it is placed on a table or shelf, the lid of the battery case will rotate as well, causing the cover to easily come off. 
When opening or closing the top cover, hold the lower half of the main unit firmly with your other hand. 

19. How long is the warranty period? 

Warranty period is for 6 months after purchase. Warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by customer's negligence or natural disaster. 


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