wood diffuser 'rin' gift set
wood diffuser 'rin' gift set
wood diffuser 'rin' gift set
wood diffuser 'rin' gift set
wood diffuser 'rin' gift set

wood diffuser 'rin' gift set

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This exclusive gift set includes our natural wood diffuser 'rin' and your choice of a Japanese air essential oil blend set together in a custom-made paper box.

This wood diffuser utilizes the natural beauty of Japanese evergreen trees. Select pieces of wood are polished to showcase their natural wood grain and color variations, which convey a sense of warmth for the scent of essential oils to come to life.

This natural wood diffuser is friendly to both humans and the environment. It was created by recycling lumber from the sustainable process of forest thinning to preserve the natural environment.

Enjoy the unique expression and shape of the wood diffuser and how it changes over time.


How to use

A few drops of essential oil leaves a hint of aroma in a space.

Please add another couple of drops if the scent begins to fade.

As oil may pass through the wood diffuser, always use it with the stainless steel holder.

Since the product is made of natural wood, it may naturally crack, warp, and produce resin depending on the environment in which it is used. This is not a malfunction of the product.



• natural wood diffuser 'rin'

• stainless steel holder (φ 3.6 x H 0.8 in, φ 92 x H 20 mm)

Japanese air essential oil blend (10 ml)

• custom-made paper box